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RapidViews delivers an unparalleled value proposition for Business Intelligence (BI) deployment and governance, uniquely on SAP HANA platforms. By offering pre-built business content aligned with various SAP modules such as FI-CO, SD, MM, PP, and QM, RapidViews expedites the deployment of BI solutions. This pre-built Business Content, available in Calculation Views or CDS Views, seamlessly integrate with SAP ECC on HANA or SAP S/4HANA, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

Moreover, RapidViews provides a robust BI Governance component that empowers organizations to centralize and regulate their analytics projects. Tailored for developers and BI managers, this platform offers comprehensive control over analytics initiatives, ensuring adherence to governance standards and best practices.

In essence, RapidViews offers a unique and comprehensive solution for SAP HANA users, accelerating BI deployment while providing robust governance capabilities. By leveraging pre-built business content and a dedicated BI governance platform, organizations can expedite their BI initiatives, optimize resource utilization, and drive informed decision-making processes effectively.

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business Resources

SAP datasphere overview Module

SAP Datasphere unifies data and analytics in a multi-cloud solution that includes data integration,
database, data warehouse, and analytics capabilities for a data-driven enterprise. Built on the SAP HANA Cloud database, this software as a service (SaaS) empowers you to better understand your business data and make confident decisions based on real-time information.

SAP FInancial & control Module

SAP FI-CO is broken down into two parts FI and CO. SAP FI: Used to generate and monitor financial statements, mainly for external reporting needs.  SAP CO: Allows you to plan and take effective decisions mainly for internal needs at the management control level.

SAP Sales and Distribution Module

The Sales and Distribution (SD) module provides extensive functional coverage to manage processes related to sales, distribution and customer service.

SAP Quality maintenance Module

The Quality Management (QM) module is a transverse module in SAP, it is very often linked to the other modules (SD, MM, etc.) and concerns quality control.

SAP Production Planning Module

The Production Planning (PP) module makes it possible to plan production based on both market demand and production capacity. PP creates schedules for production, procurement and purchasing. This ensures that we have the raw materials for production as needed.

SAP PLant maintenance Module

The Plant Maintenance (PM) module enables users to monitor the maintenance of industrial equipment. It is based on concepts from the PP module (work orders), as well as on QM concepts (notification management).

SAP material management Module

The Material Management (MM) module concerns the management of articles.
There are 2 main components:

  • MM stock: Stock management
  • MM Purchasing: Purchasing and supply management.

SAP extended warehouse management Module

The Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) SAP module offers a wide functional coverage to
efficiently manage the warehouse management operations.

Rapidview Reports library

RapidViews is an innovative software editor to accelerate Business Intelligence deployment on SAP HANA. Comes from the spin-off of the DeciVision R&D entity which has invested for 2 years on SAP HANA technology.

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