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Looming client expectations and ever-shifting corporate policies mean that today’s finance departments must streamline their Planning and Consolidation services, while ensuring user issues are resolved quickly.

Can your current support team say the same?

Concentrate on Your Company, Not Your Support

Performance Analytics provides a full suite of Managed Services options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for fully outsourced Managed Support or simply searching for expert answers, Performance Analytics can craft you a customized Support solution to fit your company’s needs. Manage and maintain your CPM applications with ease, thanks to our Managed Support services and solutions. Our Customer Response Center (CRC) works to secure your applications while also offering you comprehensive support services, such as:

  • Help Desk 
  • Upgraded Services
  • Technical Enhancements
  • Applications Maintenance
  • Software Vendor Bug-Fix Coordination
  • Weekend or quarter end support

Timely Attention is Key. Our Incident Management process adheres to industry best practices within the ITIL framework. Incidents will be identified and tracked through a variety of means, like phone, email, and proactive monitoring systems. Performance Analytics provides responsive Service Level Agreements (SLA) as well, ensuring that issues are immediately assessed, addressed, and attended to. Routine operational meetings are essential to both aligning company goals and strengthening client relationships. These regularly-scheduled open forums help break down data silos and secure new lines of communication between departments. This means:

  • Support issues and specific incident reports are reviewed throughly
  • Maintenance scheduling expectations are clearly communicated
  • Roles and responsibilities are adjusted based on operational priorities
  • Recommendations are required for software releases and support packages
  • Issues, updates, and changes are all addressed in a timely manner
  • Meetings are arranged as frequently as required – weekly, monthly, quarterly
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