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Customer &
Product Profitability

Empower your operation with a precision profit analysis.

Ramp up your operations with a comprehensive profit analysis today—which provides detailed insights into your customer base and core product costs.

It’s essential that today’s CFOs and Finance departments strive to effectively identify their most profitable products and customers. To accomplish this, they need unrestricted and immediate access to their data warehouses, ERP systems, and secondary information sources. Once that happens, they can identify ongoing expenses and strategically reallocate those resources to the lowest levels of products and customers.

This may involve multiple stages, each one resulting in a different set of data being allocated, which then affects all follow-up allocation steps. In order to successfully complete such complex financial maneuvers, like these, on a large scale, you’ll need much more than a simple spreadsheet.

This is why we equip clients, like you, with the cutting-edge tools you need to accurately define your allocation rules and then assess, address, and allocate your remaining resources as you see fit. Precision analysis of your company’s profitability ensures you’ll always know the score when it comes to your products, customers, and solutions.

To be effective at their jobs, manufacturers must be familiar with both their production costs and profitability metrics. It’s imperative that production teams regularly communicate with other, customer-facing departments and explain how costs are calculated. Retailers should know—down to the penny—what each of their products cost them.

Why? Because Customer and Product Profitability numbers are applicable to all industries.

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