Thinking of moving to the cloud?  We can help you get there.  If you have a current Corporate Performance Management application and would like it to reside on the cloud, work with our experts to ensure a smooth and clean migration.


For our OneStream customers…

Architected from day one to take full advantage of cloud and virtualization, OneStream XF offers flexibility when it comes to deployment options, either on-premise, hosted or in the cloud.  And it’s easy to switch between on-prem and cloud – only a few hours to migrate.   In 2018, 80% of customers chose to deploy OneStream XF in the cloud.  You can license the solution and manage the on-prem or cloud environment with your own IT staff, or you can have OneStream manage it for you in a private cloud.  Either way, OneStream XF takes full advantage of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform allowing increased scalability during peak usage periods, like quarter end, or budget time.

If you are thinking of moving to the cloud, please get in touch.  We are ready to help you get there.

 Read the Whitepaper:  CPM On-Premise or Cloud – Have it Your Way


For our SAP BPC customers… 

For the first option, we can deliver your CPM application on Microsoft Azure or Amazon, and replace your existing in-house hardware platform.  Note that you still need IT support to manage the cloud environment, updating the operating system, database, and ensuring updates to SAP are applied.  Alternatively, we provide a complete hosting and managed service to remove the need for IT support.  We have SAP experts who can manage all aspects of supporting the infrastructure needed to run your SAP software.  This ensures optimal performance of your environment, where we monitor the system around the clock.

What Hosting Solution is Best for You?

Public Cloud – A scalable, reliable and high-performing cloud environment based on shared infrastructure

Private Cloud – A scalable cloud environment – providing the agility and efficiency of a public cloud – but built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization.

Hybrid Cloud – Hybrid enables businesses to find the right combination of cloud and existing resources to do the job combining public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers.

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