OneStream XF unifies complex financial consolidation, reporting, planning and analytics. OneStream XF offers one platform for all financial Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions which allows it to quickly align to the changing needs of your business. Many software providers today deliver CPM application silos with multiple products or modules, but this approach suffers when the systems need to adapt or change. OneStream XF is a single, unified Corporate Performance Management software platform for financial consolidation, planning and analytics which enables your business to be agile and adaptable to change while reducing your total cost of ownership.

About OneStream

OneStream was created by the founders and inventors of UpStream Software, now known as Oracle Hyperion FDM, and the inventors of Hyperion Financial Management which are two of the most widely used Corporate Performance Management solutions currently used in the marketplace. Each of our team members have over 15 years of experience delivering CPM to the largest and most complex customers. At UpStream Software we were famous for delivering customer success above and beyond expectations and for our ability to ensure every customer was a success and a reference. This ideal that every customer must be a success and reference has carried over and drives everything we do at OneStream Software.

OneStream Extensible Dimensionality Overview