Business Users expect the best – Can you provide it?

Expectation on service levels are higher and higher. Business Users expect their Planning and Consolidation solutions to work and issues to be resolved immediately.   Can your support team alone provide this? Is it cost effective? …Or is there a better way.

Managed Services & self Sufficency

Focus on your Business not Support

Performance Analytics provides a full range of Managed Services capabilities that can be tailored for your company. Whether you are looking for a fully outsourced Managed Support or just access to our team of experts on a moment’s notice when you are out of answers, Performance Analytics can craft a Support solution that works for you.

The managed support services offered by Performance Analytics provide the ability to manage and maintain your CPM application and the related database system. Our Customer Response Center (CRC) offers comprehensive operation support services, including the following:

  • Help Desk
  • Applications and System Maintenance
  • Management and Configuration Services
  • Upgrade Services
  • Technical Enhancements
  • Software Vendor Bug-fix Coordination

Timely attention is key for your users

Our Incident Management process is aligned to the industry best practice of the ITIL framework. Incidents will be received through a variety of means including – phone, email and proactive monitoring systems. Performance Analytics provides a responsive Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure issues are attended and resolved quickly.

Regular operational meetings are invaluable to clients and result in a tighter alignment in responding to the daily demands of every organization. This regularly scheduled open forum ensures success across the operational teams:

  • Support issues are reviewed including specific incident reports
  • Roles and responsibilities are adjusted based on operational priorities
  • Any issues or changes are addressed in a timely manner
  • Maintenance scheduling is clearly communicated
  • Recommendations on an new Software releases or support packages

The frequency of these meetings is normally monthly but can take place as frequently as every week during major changes.

Is Performance Analytics Managed Services right for you? Give us 30 minutes to see if we can provide your Business Users a better and more cost effective experience.

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