Want to see what your BPC application would look like in OneStream?

Click here to see a demonstration of the Utility in action.

Video presents how easy it is to migrate an existing SAP BPC application into a brand new OneStream application.

If you are a current SAP BPC client and interested in migrating to OneStream, we can help you get there faster.  We have developed a BPC to OneStream Conversion Utility that reduces the time to migrate from weeks to minutes!!  With our deep knowledge of both products we were able to intelligently collect BPC metadata and use the extract to build the same in OneStream.  Each product works differently in managing dimensions, hierarchies, properties, and other relationships, but this utility easily maps one to the other.

You simply run a BPC Data Manager package that allows you to select which dimensions and other information to extract.  Then use the Load/Import tool within OneStream to load the extract and build out the dimensional structures.  The utility understands the nature of the Ownership cube in BPC and extracts appropriate ownership percentages, and then associates them with the Entity dimension in OneStream.  It also associates currency, and other properties from BPC to the appropriate dimension members in OneStream.

What a great way to quickly see what your current BPC application will look like in the OneStream platform.  Just add data and your application is ready.  If you are interested in seeing your BPC application running in the OneStream platform, let us know.  We are eager to help.


Click here to see a demonstration of the Utility in action.


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