Challenge is to Align Success

Companies often face challenges with aligning an organization’s goals with the underlying processes, technology and data meant to meet deliver success. In Corporate Performance Management, this misalignment can lead to poor user adoption, questionable reporting information and perception of poor overall value to the executives – in short – a failed project.

Advisory Services 1

Performance Analytics’ Advisory Services approach is to create a holistic roadmap and plan to align success from an organizational goal, business process, systems and data perspective. Considering the technical solution alone does not provide the alignment needed for success. Advisory Services 2

A Proven, Methodical Approach

Performance Analytics utilizes a proven and practical approach that considers your corporate objectives, leverages your existing systems and aligns your team to deliver results.

Advisory Services 3Performance Analytics establishes a roadmap and plan that allows for the alignment of the right CPM solution with the needs of the business. Deliverables will include the following:

  • Value Benchmarking: Peer group review against the best of the industry.
  • Goals and Objectives: Discovery, review, and alignment.
  • Business Process: guidance to align the process with the goals and objectives.
  • System Recommendations: including prioritization and decision criteria.
  • Effort to Achieve Success: Estimated internal costs and external consulting costs along with any software license or training costs.
  • Success Roadmap: the Plan for the implementation of system deliverables including phases, rollout strategy, training, testing strategy, system performance and change management considerations.Advisory Services 4

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