End to End budget solution for North American Utilities

A rate case is the formal process which industries that have the legal designation of public utility are mandated to go through in order to set the rate at which they are allowed to charge consumers for their service. Rate cases serve as one of the primary instruments of government regulation of such industries.

Organizations in the Utility Industry need access to data both from within and outside of their company in order to conduct planning and forecasting to better predict impacts that costs have on revenue. Many organizations rely on manual excel datasheets to complete their forecasting. The personnel costs are usually high with excel based processes and can be prone to errors as they encompass multiple linked spreadsheets with data that that can be stored in multiple locations. Critical answers may not always be clear and accurate.  And when the regulators ask questions of the rate case, it takes teams of people weeks to find, validate, and scrutinize the answers, since they are embedded in a multitude of spreadsheets.

PAC Utilities Rate Case Solution Brief

Performance Analytics developed a Rate Case Analysis Rapid deployment solution in the OneStream software platform. This provides Utility companies the ability to analyze and produce financial results in various models using “what if” scenarios. Forecasting scenarios can help organizations assess the impact of hedging commodities, and strategize rate changes and their impacts to revenue.  It supports the entire budget and forecast process and provides enormous support to the Rate Case submission process.

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