When you need precise analysis of profitability at the lowest levels of customer or products.

Banks (for example) have millions of customers with multiple products, and analysts need to know which of these products and customers are profitable.  You need to access data warehouses, ERP systems, and other data sources to capture the detailed costs, and allocate them to the lowest levels of products and customers.

There may be multiple steps involved, each resulting in a different set of data being allocated and affecting the next allocation step.  Trying to do this in a spreadsheet is mind numbing.  We provide tools to hep define the allocation rules, and to analyze the results.  Precise profitability analysis at the customer and product levels.

Manufacturers need to know costs of each and every product to determine pricing and ensure profitability.  Shared Services departments need to show their customer departments how exactly they arose at the cost allocated to them.  Retailers need to know to the penny what each of their product costs are.  Customer and Product Profitability is applicable in all industries.


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