Have you heard about SAP Profitability and Performance Management?

SAP’s latest member of the Performance Management product suite is SAP Profitability and Performance Management (previously known as FS Per).  It was developed by our partner MSG Global and it is a strategic and business-focused profitability platform that is suitable across many industries.

What does it do?  It enables companies to maintain and execute complex revenue / cost allocation models to create the data foundation for flexible, high-speed profitability and enhanced business scenarios for distributing costs and revenues and for funds-transfer pricing. It is targeted to the Finance user and requires minimal IT support.  Runs standalone powered by SAP HANA and supports integration of various data sources, such as ERP, planning and operational systems. It has strong integration with SAP BPC while enabling use of allocation rules of actuals for planning data. Lastly, the key benefit is the use of the fast data processing engine, allowing business users to see profit results within seconds or minutes rather than hours.

Read all about it here:  https://www.sap.com/canada/products/profitability-and-performance-management.html

These short videos add additional context:

  1. SAP Profitability and Performance Management (2:22)
  2. SAP Profitability and Performance Management: Forecast and Planning Modelling (1:43)   
  3. SAP Profitability and Performance Management: Allocation Models (2:01)
Industry Usage Scenario
Financial Services Transfer pricing, product/customer costing, shared services costing, claims management costing, broker profitability,
process improvement, capacity planning
Transportation and logistics Customer, product and route profitability, container costing, leg contribution, network optimization, infrastructure
investment analysis, IT costing, regulatory reporting (postal services)
Consumer products and Life Sciences Product costing and pricings profitability, supply chain optimization, overhead optimization, shared sciences
services costing (IT, HR, finance)
Healthcare Procedure costing, regulatory bodies reporting
Oil and gas Fuels and lubricants costing and pricing, distribution point profitability, process costing
Public sector Pensions, benefits, and allowances costing, benchmarking, public services pricing (customs, tolls…)
Wholesale distribution Product/branch pricing, customer and distribution channel value analysis, supply chain optimization.
Telecom Regulatory Requirements (unit costs per service and per minute), product/customer profitability


Are you interested in learning how SAP Profitability and Performance Management can help your organization?  Get in touch and we’ll gladly help.